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Motivate your staff or reward them for excellent work with the Decathlon gift card or e-gift card. Everybody wins – your team feel happy and valued, while you build company loyalty and benefit from healthier employees.


The Decathlon gift card and e-gift card are the perfect way to attract new customers. They show off your generosity, and the gift of vitality is something that potential customers are really going to value.


The strength of the Decathlon name and the quality of our brands means that giving our gift cards and e-gift cards to them demonstrates how much you value your customers and helps to build their brand loyalty towards your company.


Including Decathlon gift cards and e-cards in your promotion can open up new avenues to help you promote products or boost a launch, with our strong brand helping potential customers make that purchasing decision.


We work with Insurers to help policy holders replace their damaged or stolen sports goods. Furthermore with our offer on physical and e-gift cards we will be able to support you in campaigns to gain or retain policy holders as well as the following benefits outlined. See detail of this on the customers acquisition and retention pages.


Promoting a healthy lifestyle, which can improve concentration, performance and productivity. Decathlon offers sports equipment for over 70 sports, from 718 stores across Europe and through We have experience of building campaigns that generate maximum returns, including sport-specific and seasonal themes

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